Pentesoft: Software Design and Implementation

In Memory of Dan Lunsford

If you knew Dan Lunsford and spent any time with him at all, you would probably be right to say that he was your best friend. Full of life, always ready to laugh, blunt to a fault, outspoken, adventurous ... so many great things can be said about him.

We were crushed to hear of his heart attack on May 8th. I raced through my phone and text records, my image gallery, my email to find our last correspondences. I was saddened to realize it had been more than a month ago, especially since when I was pastoring in Allen, and even for years afterward it seemed we saw each other every day. It was not uncommon for a text conversation to start with the simple word "Lunchford?"

Brother Lunsford was always willing to give a hand and help out however he could. He helped me on countless projects around the house and even on a home renovation job that he later helped me sell as my realtor. That particular project saw him painting, cutting grass, inspecting work and many times shaking his head and laughing at the amateur job I had done on something. When it came time to replace a water line, he was right there to help me dig the trench. I rented a ditch witch and after tiring of running it myself I asked him to help. He had a blast riding that thing until he hit an underground electrical wire and got a quick jolt...for some reason he was doing it barefoot. We both laughed, went and checked breakers and after feeling sure we had turned off that back yard light breaker, he got back on and zapped himself again a few minutes later. We both laughed til we cried, then cut off the master breaker to finish the job.

I've prepared a video below which you can watch. You are also welcome to order keepsake copies of it. All proceeds from sales of these items will go to the church that Pastor Dan and his wife have labored at and devoted their lives to for so many years in Frisco.

I will miss him greatly. We have all lost a great friend. Our hearts go out to the family, Sis. Lunsford and Nate. We love you both and you will be in our thoughts and prayers.

      T. Brent Long

Technology Your Way

Office Collaboration

Pentesoft is a technology company focused on getting the job done your way, using your preferred technologies and tools. With our diverse skillsets and years of exposure to many different technology models, we possess the expertise to help you make technology serve you and your customers now and into the future. Whether you need staff augmentation, a complete project team, or a concept analysis and product presentation, we're here to help you make the most of technology. Pentesoft is an emerging leader in enterprise and web-enabled solutions allowing our clients to operate more efficiently, quickly bring products to market, and rapidly achieve their business goals and objectives. Guided by a philosophy of fostering well-rounded domain and technical expertise, Pentesoft builds experience through capitalizing on combined knowledge to deliver innovative, meaningful software solutions. We focus on key business drivers, project analysis and reusable design elements to offer adaptive solutions that evolve with the changing requirements of global business.

Software Services

Here's a short list of some of the many technologies with which our talented staff has hands-on experience:

  • Web Sites and Services
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Windows Services and Applications
  • SMS Messaging Applications
  • Data Modeling
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Custom Telephony/IVR Development
  • Payment Processing and PCI Compliance

Industry Experience

Pentesoft has performed services for and has insight into many different industries and disciplines, including:

  • Banking and Financial
  • Religious and Non-Profit
  • Telecommunications
  • Entertainment
  • Government and Military Security and Staff Management
  • Legal
  • Marketing and Advertising